CORE Glow Products -
For Professionals and Home Owners

Ideal for:
- Concrete Countertops
- Concrete Driveways
- Gravel Driveways & Pathways
or.... any other creative project you have in mind!


CORE Glow is the BRIGHT choice for eco-friendly lighting that requires no electricity and no power. Saving our natural resources is important to us. So, a renewable light source, like CORE glow, that has no carbon emissions will not only save money, but save the environment as well.

CORE glow products are engineered with a proprietary luminescent material. When exposed to daylight or a light source the phosphorescent material within the CORE glow product becomes excited and will maintain an afterglow, initially very radiant, then slowly dissipating as dawn arrives. The glow power of our products will last 20 years!

CORE Glow Products

Glow 10-12 hours a night!

Need only 10-20 mins of lamp or sunlight exposure to charge

Durable: lasting 20 years and 100% safe for all the family

10 times brighter vs other brands

Eco-friendly, waterproof using new technology for a long after glow

For Professionals

CORE glow for Professionals is offered in our CORE glow marble and powder line of products. Our CORE glow marble is ideal for installation in concrete applications, i.e. driveways, countertops and tables. Our CORE glow powder is ideal for mixing to create a glowing coverage over many different mediums.

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For Home Owners

CORE glow for homeowners is offered in our CORE glow stones, beads and glass line of products. Our CORE glow stone is ideal for gravel driveways, aquariums, potted plants, pond features and indoor concrete applications. Our CORE glow glass is also ideal for indoor concrete applications as well as aquariums and crafts. CORE glow beads are simply versatile, glowing beads! Ideal for many craft projects.

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New Technology:

The new luminescent material in our CORE Glow product is a multi-activated, highly efficient powder, cultivated from the Earth that enables light-storing with a long afterglow.

  • BRIGHT: The brightness and duration of the luminescent material we use is more than 10 times brighter than the traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) luminous materials.
  • EFFICIENT: With only 10 – 20 minutes of exposure to daylight or lamplight, the COREglow product can maintain its afterglow in the dark for around 10 – 20 hours.
  • WATERPROOF: Expert engineering has enabled excellent water resistance compared to the common ordinary aluminate photoluminescent or afterglow pigments.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: All COREglow products are non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • POWER SAVING SOLAR POWER: All COREglow products require no electricity and thus no wires, no power supply and no batteries. This saves natural resources and is another eco-friendly benefit.

Whether your mode of transportation is by vehicle or by foot, let CORE Glow stone illumination guide you.


What kind of light works best to charge the glow pebbles? Sunlight! But, if that is at a minimum, then various artificial lights work just great as well, i.e. black light, fluorescent and incandescent lighting.
How long should I charge the pebbles? For a full nighttime glow, a minimum of 10 minutes is needed to give a full charge (light source dependent). Allowing the pebbles to glow between 10-12 hours long (in the dark of course!)
Is the glow from the pebbles the same as from solar powered garden lights? No. CORE glow lighting is considered ambient light. They will light your way in dark conditions but don’t compete with regular lighted conditions (your eye compensates for the ‘brighter’ object). That said, CORE glow doesn’t ruin your night vision. It also lasts a lot longer than most solar garden lights: 20 years!
What makes them glow? A chemical element called Strontium Aluminate. An activator, Europium, is added to make the Strontium Aluminate a photophosphorescence (glow).
Is it safe? It is both biologically and chemically inert, so safe for human, animal or plant life.
Related Information Other ‘glow in the dark’ products are made with zinc suphide, which are only useful for 35-45 minutes. Strontium aluminate afterglow can be visible for several days or more! You can even read by the initial glow of our products (for the 1st minute or so anyway).
What is the best way to view CORE glow? If your CORE glow stones have a new charge, then you can easily see them when going from a lit room into a dark room. BUT, the afterglow is best seen with eyes that are fully dark-adapted. Check out the CORE glow at 3 a.m.!

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