Quantum Sample Kit

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Our new Quantum product line has been formulated to maximize the brightness and longevity of the glow stones while ensuring no photoluminescent microcrystal is wasted. We locked in at 60% additional pure glow powder for our new ultra-premium line, Quantum, for the best glow at the best price. 

Quantum is:

60% more pure glow powder

Glow Duration: 12+ Hours

Charge time: 10 mins (UV preferred)

Lifespan: 20+ years 

This sample kit includes:

Quantum Grade Glow
- 3-8mm in green, blue, and aqua
- 8-15mm in green, blue, and aqua

Commercial Grade Glow
1x Random colour and size Commercial Grade Glow

For you to test the difference for yourself!

Samples come in 1" x 1" bags.

Quantum is a highly durable product, designed for long-term usage. We are committed to continuously innovating to make Core Glow products longer-lasting, more durable, and brighter, in order to continuously improve our environmental impact. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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2 Reviews

L Hall 2020 Sep 25th

Sample Pack Helps Make the Decision

Perfect product that helped me in deciding which product was best for my application. Also helped me to see that this is a superior product compared to similar glow products on the market. I was able to see how the stones appeared during the day and during the night. Money well spent

Karen R. 2020 May 4th

Quantum Glow

I ordered the sample pack just to test out the durability and longevity of these stones for myself in a real world setting. I used them in my flower bed and WOW! My flowers haven't even bloomed yet and the front of my home is still a showcase. Finally a product that does what it claims!

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