Pure Core Glow Powder - Blue

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Use pure Core Glow Powder to make anything glow - mix with paint, resin, epoxy, moldings, and more to create your own glowing creations.

*personal safety equipment required for handling this fine powder*

Core Glow Powder is intended for professional use. Consult our instruction sheet prior to use. 

Particle size: ~25μm
Ideal for fine mixes in clear resins, epoxies, and paints. 

Colour: Ethereal Blue
Soft and mysterious glow with 420nm peak wavelength.  Great for use in otherworldly landscapes and relaxing ambiance. 

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1 Review

L Hall 2020 Oct 9th

A little goes a long way.

I mixed the Core Glow blue powder with an epoxy resin to paint several ceramic fish and the windows and tops of three concrete lanterns. They are in my rock garden next to the glow path/river. It is amazing how bright they glow at night. The garden is amazing to all who see it. So beautiful!

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