Introducing: Lucedentro - Italian-Made Glow-in-the-Dark Glassware

What happens when you mix enthusiasm, vision, and passion with a dash of glow? We could tell you, but we rather you see for yourself. 

We are excited to announce our new product line, Lucedentro. This luxury brand specializes in exquisite glow-in-the-dark glassware including shimmering mosaic tiles, delicate listellos, as well as high-quality paint and silicone filler. We have limited quantities available so get yours soon. Visit the product page for details. 

Lucedentro is a European company founded in 2006, that has quickly become known for their innovative take on glow in the dark design. Lucedentro combines many fields: design, security, building materials, and energy savings. These qualities along with Lucedentro's passion for otherworldly aesthetics is expressed in their line of glow glass tiles and accessories. 

The mosaic tiles come with a mesh backing for easy installation. Use the sheets as is or cut the mesh to separate individual tiles. The possibilities are endless. Kitchens, pools, bathrooms, outdoors, fountains, water features, spas, and more - imagine the utterly unexpected magic that will happen when you flick the lights off. What was once a simple mosaic wall just became the shimmering centrepiece. A perfect backdrop for modern lounges, spas, bars, community centes, interactive art, and more. Soak up the soft glow of Lucedentro's exquisitely made glassware. 

  • “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

    -Aaron Rose



We are now accepting orders for Lucedentro mosaic tiles, listellos, paint, and silicone.