core-glow-about-us.jpgThe Bright Team Behind CORE Glow

Caroline Rutledge: Owner/Operator of Core Landscape Products, Core Glow, and Green Driveway

Caroline is a trained environmental biologist turned business-woman. She started Core Gravel over seven years ago as an answer to the demand for environmentally-friendly alternatives to asphalt and concrete. Permeable systems keep the soils alive, filter contaminants, and facilitate storm water management by allowing water to seep through to the soil below. Core Glow is a small part of Core Systems: specializing in permeable paving systems for driveways, turf, and slope stabilization.

Paige Taylor: Creative Research, Development, and Design/Administration/Marketing

Paige brings a considerable breadth of knowledge from studies in microbiology, environmental studies, permaculture design, and graphic design. She spends her time brainstorming new business endeavors, creating graphics, researching glow and permeable systems, creating online content, and searching for more ways to become an environmentally friendly business. She also answers phone calls, corresponds with customers, manages daily admin tasks, and keeps our books in order. You've probably talked to Paige if you've called in!

Sagar Nanda: IT/Operations/Sales

Sagar completed their degree in business before moving to Canada to complete his post-grad degree in International Business in the Comox Valley. Sagar has been with Core for nearly two years and has slowly made himself indispensable for his considerable knowledge and experience in all all aspects of running a business. You know when you got that glow in the mail? That was Sagar.

Christa McMullen: Customer Service/Sales

Christa has been a vital part of the Core team since the very beginning. Her longstanding knowledge of the business and her commitment to our clients worldwide makes her an invaluable part of the Core Glow team. We look forward to seeing Christa when she comes in!