core-glow-about-us.jpgThe Bright Team Behind CORE Glow

Caroline Rutledge, the founder of CORE is a trained Restoration of Natural Systems Technician and Fisheries Biologist. Caroline has worked extensively in the field of land development and fish habitat restoration for the past 25 years. She brings to the table an extensive technical knowledge in these two fields of work that ensure your project has the best support possible.

Caroline started CORE after seeing the effects that hard (impermeable) surfaces, along with poor development practices, had on our on urban streams, storm sewers and ground water aquifers. Whilst biological consulting is a valuable tool to educating land developers on the effects their practices have on our ‘watershed’, Caroline believed that a bigger difference could be made by providing these same land developers with the right ‘tools’ to enact tangible and immediate change. By offering affordable alternatives to paving and other hard surfaces, it is possible to ensure that the negative effects of hard surfaces is either eliminated or alleviated. Adding to these low impact development practices, CORE glow offers a natural alternative to traditional lighting sources. CORE glow adds light to those areas out of reach of wiring and light fixtures, or where an ambient light source is simply preferred for a subtle effect in your landscape feature. 

Caroline Rutledge works one-on-one with engineers, architects, civil personnel, and not-for-profit groups on larger civic project development to ensure a seamless solution in the planning and material supply stages. Her expertise is a valuable asset in public space project development.

Christa McMullen, Sales and Administration - has been with CORE from the start. As a valuable member of the team, Christa ensures that your questions are answered, your product is moving, and that you receive your product in a timely manner. Christa is also responsible for keeping our office running smoothly with her skillset in bookkeeping, sales and being a great 'office mum'.

Jackie Spedding, a Sales Executive for CORE is experienced in Relationship Management and Customer Service. Jackie has worked in the field of sales for the last 20 years and is happy to provide project guidance to CORE’s wide range of clientele. Jackie works one-on-one with architects, landscape designers, dealers, and home owners. She finds appropriate solutions based on clients needs, follows-up to make sure they are happy, and is always working to find and build new relationships.

Sagar Nanda, Marketing and E-Commerce Executive - has been a part of CORE family for over 3 years now. Sagar has completed his degree in International Business and has been working in the field of marketing and e-commerce industry for last 6 years.
Sagar handles all of the CORE's social media and online presence and works proactively with the developers to improve the quality and performance of all our websites. Anytime you see new content on our sites, yes that was Sagar.