Lucedentro Sea Green Glass Mosaic Tiles - Matte

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Transform any space into a breezy seaside escape using these stunningly-crafted mosaic tiles.

The Lucedentro Mosaic Tiles consists of a Italian-made photo-luminescent glass mosaic stones made up of 1” square glass tiles on mesh, and is available in various mixed colors of yellow green, blue and aquamarine shades.

Mosaic tiles are ideal for kitchens, wellness centers, swimming pools, bathroom environments and more.  Our mosaic tile lines create an unforgettable emotional experience.  Recharge with sunlight or normal electrical light. Try one colour or mix and match to create a stunning surface all your own.

Materials: photo-luminescent borosilicate glass; 90% recycled glass.  It charges with sunlight or electric light and provides evocative light in the darkness.

Resistant to: Water and frost, detergents, thermal shock.

Individual tile dimension: ~1.0 in x ~1.0 in (25.4 x 25.4 mm) square tile

Sheet dimension: 12 3/8 in x 12 3/8 in x .25 in. (31 cm x 31 cm x  0.6 cm) (1 sq ft)

Tiles per sheet: ~144


Each sheet (1 sq ft) weight: 2 lbs

Box (1 sq meter) weight: 20 lb  (10 sheets) 

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