Hot Tub Foundation Kit (~62 sq.ft.)

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CORE Foundation Kits are affordable, durable, stable, permeable, and DIY friendly.

Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your hot tub. 

CORE Foundation Kits are ideal for a stable support base for your hot tub.  

• The Hot Tub Foundation is backed with a geotextile layer for weed suppression.
• Load Bearing Capacity: 62,000 lbs./sq. ft. (> 300 tons/m2)
• Temperature Range: -45C to +70C
• UV and Chemical Resistance: Excellent


Add another kit to create a structural base for a beautiful floating deck surround, or create an intimate privacy feature with one of the many decorative privacy screens in our collection!


Hot Tub Foundation Kits consist of 10 interlocking panels (39.37” x 22.63”)
Covers: ~62 sq ft/ pack
Each pack covers 1 hot tub area at ~90.55" x 98.43" (2.3 m x 2.5 m)

Perks: easy install, clip-together panels, pre-attached geotextile weed suppressant sheet, made from 100% recycled materials


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