Hot Tub Foundation Kit (~62 sq.ft.)

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CORE Foundation Kits are affordable, durable, stable, permeable, and DIY friendly.

Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your hot tub. 

CORE Foundation Kits are ideal for a stable support base for your hot tub. Use two or more kits to provide a structural base for a beautiful floating deck surround. Additionally, you can add an intimate privacy feature with one of the many decorative privacy screens in our collection.

• The Hot Tub Foundation is backed with a geotextile layer for weed suppression.
• Load Bearing Capacity: 62,000 lbs./sq. ft. (> 300 tons/m2)
• Temperature Range: -45C to +70C
• UV and Chemical Resistance: Excellent


Hot Tub Foundation Kits consist of 10 interlocking panels (39.37” x 22.63”)
Covers: ~62 sq ft/ pack
Each pack covers 1 hot tub area at ~90.55" x 98.43" (2.3 m x 2.5 m)

Perks: easy install, clip-together panels, pre-attached geotextile weed suppressant sheet, made from 100% recycled materials


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