Core Systems partners with the Haiti Ocean Project to create electricity-free infrastructure in one of Earths impoverished nations.



Corporate responsibility mixes well with Core Glows values:

Core Glow, under the direction of Caroline Rutledge (owner), is now partnered with the Haiti Oceans Project, a non-profit whose work focuses on marine education, scientific research, and building ecotourism near Petite Riviere de Nippes, Haiti. Combining education and research with an economical model not only reflects Caroline’s expertise, but also provides a sustainable framework for this project to thrive in this developing country where funding and resources are near impossible to secure.

Haiti is known for being one of the poorest and most-corrupt countries on the planet. Life expectancy is only 52 years, the GDP per capita (nominal) is $830 USD, and illiteracy among 15-24 year olds is a staggering 66%. Programs such as the Haiti Oceans Project work to educate youth, not only giving them a safe and supportive environment, but also teaching them hard skills that are valuable in the emerging ‘global workplace’. Adobe Youth Voices has selected the HOP to be part of their program. AYV trains youth how to use their Adobe Suite software to edit photos, create multimedia videos, and create online portfolios. By training youth on Adobe Software they learn computer literacy, media skills, and create an opportunity for these marginalized youth to have their voices heard on a global scale. Some projects that have emerged out of the HOP include some incredible marine life videos.

Core Glow is following in the footsteps of the Adobe Youth Voices program by sponsoring the HOP Marine Education Centre. CORE Driveway products are essential in building a luminescent concrete ramp which will lead to a floating observation dock. Due to a shortage in reliable energy sources in Haiti, lighting the dock at night proves to be challenging. By embedding the dock with CORE Glow the need for outside electricity sources was eliminated. Core Glow products offer the durability and economic self-sufficiency that was essential for this project; the glow stones do not require expert maintenance and will not experience any malfunctions. This dock will provide essential infrastructure which will enables youth, researchers, and tour guides greater access to the Haitian waters.

The Haiti Ocean Project has recently been donated four acres of land on which to build a permanent marine education center. Core Systems will be part of fundraising efforts to build this new centre and get this project sailing. If you would like to get involved send an email to and connect on Facebook. You can also link in via the Haiti Ocean Project website:


Additional Notes:

Statistics of despair

As well as being located in the cyclone path, Haiti and its 7 million inhabitants have to contend with the increasing scarcity of drinking water and almost total deforestation causing extensive soil erosion. Man-made disasters are not the least of it: in 2005, the organization Transparency International ranked Haiti 155th in its survey of the world’s most corrupt countries — out of 159 countries.

Life expectancy: 
52 years

People living with HIV/AIDS: 280,000
Child mortality among boys: 
128 per thousand

Illiteracy among 15- to 24-year-olds: 
66 per cent

GDP Per capita (nominal): $830

Facts from:

Haiti Ocean Project.

A marine conservation, education, research and eco-tourism project located in Grand Goave, Haiti. The primary mission of this project is to protect local whale and dolphin populations through education of youth, marine research, public policy and whale and dolphin watching.



-          Establish marine sanctuary

-          Build state of the art wind and solar powered research facility

-          create a structured whale and dolphin watch program and related ecotourism activities

-          develop active research projects