core-glow-friends.jpgThanks to our CORE Glow Family of Friends

We wouldn't be able to do everything we do without a little help from our friends. We will feature people who have done great work here and update our list of businesses and service providers who we have worked with.

1. Neil Havers (Havers Design) and Kevin Snell (Formulate): See this great new website? This wouldn't be possible without the expertise of Neil and Kevin. Thanks so much!

2. Maude Couture Gosselin: our Montreal compatriot - anything french on our website is her doing, including this great infographic. Let us know if you need something translated and we'll send it her way. Maude moonlights as a french/english poet dabbling in the space between emotion and language. 

3. (instagram handle): Kiran specializes in moody night photography with smoky neon colours, so perfect for our glow website. Thank you for the gorgeous images, and enjoy the glow!

4. World of Decorative Concrete: This South African Concrete Design company has created dazzling glow installations - take a look in our gallery for more of their work.

5. Black Light Magazine: We sent some of our Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble to the masterminds behind Blacklight Magazine. Some of our incredible photography is from them - gallery will soon feature more of their work.

Want to be friends? Get in touch with a bit about the services you offer and we'll get back to you shortly.

Currently looking for: art and photography submissions, product collaborations, brand promotion, research work, grant writing.

If you are looking for a more permanent arrangement please refer to our Careers page.