core-glow-faqs.jpgRead on for answers to our most frequently asked questions:

1. General Questions about Core Glow

2. Project Related Questions

3. Pricing Questions

4. Shipping Questions

5. Wholesale and Distributorship


1. General Questions:

Q. How does Core Glow work?

Quick answer: All Core Glow products contain a photoluminescent compound which absorbs light energy in the form of photons. These are slowly re-emitted it at a lesser wavelength over a long period of time. 

Full answer: All Core Glow products contain a photoluminescent crystalline compound, SrAl2O4, which absorbs light energy in the form of photons. The photons are slowly released over a long period of time which gives the Core Glow its constant glow. The light produces no heat of its own while undergoing this state change - not quite cold fusion but pretty neat nonetheless. The colour of glow depends on the number of oxygen molecules in the compound. The presence of oxygen slightly alters the crystal field structure resulting in a change in the wavelength emitted when glowing: 

Green SrAl2O4: 520nm
Aqua SrAl2O7: 480nm
Blue SrAl2O19: 420nm 

Documents: for a more in depth look at the Chemistry of Glow check out our infographic, available in English and French

Q. How long should I charge Core Glow stones?

Quick Answer: 1 minute for a quick burst, 1 hour for a full charge. Sunlight (broad spectrum) and UV lights works best, incandescent bulbs second, and LED, fluorescent, etc. third. 

Full Answer: any exposure to light will excite the Core Glow compound, giving it a small charge, causing it to glow. The trick is to 'saturate' the Core Glow with as much light as it can take to ensure the long afterglow. This takes half an hour to an hour (just to be safe). UV lights work great for a quick burst of super charged glow but this will not result in a full charge. Low light and shaded areas with ambient light will not result in a bright immediate glow but will charge the stones enough for a long afterglow. 

Documents: View our Luminosity Over Time graph for a visual representation of the glow cycle.

Q. How long does the Core Glow stones last after a charge?

Quick answer: 8-12 hours

Full answer: Core Glow is always glowing, it just depends on whether your eyes can see it. During the day Core Glow is constantly absorbing light energy, especially if placed in direct sunlight or under a bright lightbulb. If you were to place it in a dark room you would see that it is glowing the whole time. Core Glow emits 5-7 candelas of light during its soft 'ambient glow' phase - compare to electric lights which emit hundreds. Initially after a charge Core Glow will be so bright you can see it glowing even in a well lit roon, and it will cast light on the walls. After 45 min-1hr it will fade to a softer bright glow, and after 2 hours will settle into its ambient glow phase that will last all night. For this reason it is best to view Core Glow in complete darkness- charge them up then give your eyes time to adjust. You will see them glow all night long.

Documents: View our Luminosity Over Time graph for a visual representation of the glow cycle. 

Q. What is the lifespan of Core Glow stones?

Quick answer: 20+ years

Full answer: the photoluminescent compound in Core Glow is biologically and chemically inert. With proper maintenance your glow rocks will glow indefinitely. 

Q. Is Core Glow stones safe? 

Quick Answer: Yes

Full Answer: Core Glow's photoluminescent compound, SrAl2O4 has been certified as safe by OSHA and ANSI standards. This means it has undergone rigorous product testing via international agencies before approval for commercial sale. It is biologically and chemically inert, does not contain high levels dangerous elements or heavy metals, and has been embraced worldwide as an incredible improvement on the glow technology of the past - Zinc Copper Sulphide and its derivatives. Now, does this mean we will encourage you to eat it and treat it with disregard? No. The powder (when airborne) is respiratory irritant and should be handled with respect using proper safety equipment (see MSDS). Also keep the Core Glow away from babies and children who may be curious enough to try eating Core Glow. Safety first!


2. Project Related Questions:


Q. I am thinking of starting a glow project. What do I need to know?

Quick Answer: Everything you need to know is in our Core Glow Project Guide.

Long Answer: The best place to start is by reading through our Core Glow Project Guide. We have compiled our own experience into tips, charts, and troubleshooting help so your project will turn out just how you imagined. Have a question that isn't answered? Get in touch via our contact form

Q. How much Core Glow will I need to make my driveway, patio, stairway to heaven, etc. glow?

Quick Answer: You will need 1lb per 16 sq ft for 'high density dispersed coverage' - this results in the 'walking in a galaxy' effect. 

Full Answer: Visit our 'Coverage' page for a more in depth answer to this question or if you want to install over an existing landscape. Generally we recommend 1lb per 16 sq ft for that 'walking in a galaxy' effect. In other words this is how much you will need for 'high density dispersed coverage'. Tweak the measurements up or down to match your coverage preferences and budget restraints. If you want full coverage Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble covers 0.5 sq ft/lb.

Q. How do I make a glowing driveway and/or pathway like the one in your photos?

Quick Answer: Make your own glow path or driveway with our easy handy packs including gravel stabilizing grid, pre-attached geotextile sheets, and info on how much Core Glow to add. It's that easy. 

Full Answer: Use Core Handypacks to easily install your own glowing, stable, and permeable pathways, patios, and driveways. Simply level the area you want covered, lay down the grid, fill will gravel, and top with Core Glow. For an in-depth look at the grid system visit For projects over 500 sq ft get in touch via Core Gravel's contact form, our Core Glow contact form, or call in to 1 855 777 CORE (2673).

Q. Does the area need to be in full direct sunlight for Core Glow to charge?

Quick Answer: No, but it will work best if it does. 

Full Answer: Direct sunlight will fully charge Core Glow and result in a bright initial charge. In an area that gets partial sun the Core Glow will receive a charge, but it may begin its 'ambient glow cycle' by the time night falls and may not hold the charge through the night. Also note that light pollution in your area will render the glow invisible. Core Glow is best viewed in complete darkness away from electric street lamps, solar lights, and other electric light sources. Core Glow is best viewed under the moon and stars alone, ahhh. For more tips on how to optimize your Core Glow project read through our project guide

Q. Can I use my indoor lights to charge Core Glow for my indoor project?

Quick Answer: Absolutely.

Full Answer: Indoor lights work very well to charge Core Glow, and gives you the control over how much light they will receive. Best charge comes from a light pointed directly at Core Glow. You can use a UV light to supercharge an area to impress your guests and freak out your cat. For a comprehensive list of best lighting conditions take a look at our Project Guide, pages 1 and 2. 

Q. Will sanding, shaping, or cutting Core Glow affect its ability to glow?

Quick Answer: Not one bit.

Full Answer: All of our Core Glow products are fully saturated with the photoluminescent compound rather than just being top coated. This means you can shape, sand, cut, smash, fracture, do whatever you want to Core Glow and it will still glow just as brightly as when it made its way to you. You may even notice it begin to glow as you sand or cut the Core Glow as the compound is also friction reactive! 

- check out our 'Core Glow Project Guide' for step by step instructions on how to embed Core Glow into cement, sanding optional. 

Q. How do I know which type of Core Glow to choose for my project?

Quick Answer: Read through our Product Guide page for an in-depth run down of how to choose the best Core Glow for your project. 

Full Answer: 
Commercial and Professional projects: Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Permanent cement projects (indoor and outdoor): Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Permanent cement projects (indoor only): Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble and Core Glow Glass Crystals
Artistic endeavors: Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble and Core Glow Glass Crystals
General landscaping: Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble, Core Glow Glass Crystals, and Core Glow Stones
Fun projects: Core Glow Glass Crystals, Core Glow Stones
Gifts: Core Glow Gift Sets

Q. How is Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble different than Core Glow Glass Crystals and Core Glow Stones?

Quick Answer: Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble has the brightest and longest glow of all of the Core Glow products.

Full Answer: This is achieved through the cold manufacturing process, whereas Core Glow Glass Crystals and Core Glow Stones are exposed to high heat during the manufacturing process which limits the concentration of glow %w/v that can be achieved. This cold treatment method is tricky, time consuming, and worth it for the brightest and longest lasting Glow available. Not to mention the strength, quality, and natural look of the Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble stone is simply, the best. This is why we will not sell Core Glow Glass to professional clients wanting to install permanent outdoor concrete applications. Although a slight price savings initially, you will not get the glow effect you are looking for. Core Glow Glass is best saved for gorgeous works of art, jewelry making, ceramics, and other creative endeavors. 

Core Glow Glass Crystals can be used in indoor installations where you can control the charge received as well as ensure that the Core Glow Glass Crystals are viewed in complete darkness. Unfortunately there is more ambient light in most outdoor installations which overwhelms the soft ambient glow of Core Glow Glass Crystals. 

Q. Do you offer Core Glow Samples?

Quick Answer: Yes - you can purchase a regular or commercial sample pack from our 'Merchandise' page

Full Answer: Core Glow samples cover all of our Core Glow products except Core Glow Powder. A great way to test out our products before choosing which type and colour to purchase for your project. 


3. Pricing Questions:

Q. I have a large project. Do you offer volume discounts?

Quick Answer: Yes, we sell bulk-priced 4lb bags of Core Glow Stones and Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble (see 4lb option on product page), and  volume discounts start at 100lb orders. 

Full Answer: On each Core Glow product that has bulk pricing you can select a '4lb' option before you proceed to check out. This price is heavily reduced (20% off standard price) for those of you who are embarking on some large glow projects. You're welcome :) For large projects requiring over 100lbs of Core Glow stones please get in touch for volume pricing information. 


Q. I am working on a public project/for a non-profit. Do you offer compassion rates?

Quick Answer: Yes we do! Please get in touch for your personalized discount code. 

Full Answer: We are so impressed with all of the amazing projects that are out there. If you want to add a Core Glow touch please let us know the type of project, your audience, and the ethics behind your project. If you are working with significant budget restraints please let us know. Also view our 'Non-Profit Partners' page for a look at our ongoing projects.  


4. Shipping Related Questions

Q. How is the cost of shipping determined?

A. During checkout you will be asked to provide your shipping address. The cost of shipping is calculated based on 1. the amount of Core Glow you ordered 2. the distance between our store and your address 3. the shipping service you chose (ie. Express service, Standard, 3 Day Select). Beside each service the price will be listed. Select the shipping service you would like by clicking the button beside the service. The price will be added to your order total which you will confirm before completing the checkout process.

Q. I placed an order and haven't heard anything. When can I expect confirmation?

A. You will get a notification upon confirmation of payment, and another with your shipping tracking number. 

Q. How long will my order take to ship?

A. Your order will be processed within 3-5 business days. If you have not heard within 7 business days feel free to give us a call or email requesting the status of your order.
Troubleshooting tip: Also please double check the email and phone number linked to your account. If it is incorrect you can go into your account to change the email. If you have already placed an order please give us a call or email us from the correct address.

Q. I need a tracking number for my package, how do I get one?

A. Upon shipment you will receive a notification to your email from the carrier you have chosen. This may take 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. 
Troubleshooting tip: Also please double check the email and phone number linked to your account. If it is incorrect you can go into your account to change the email. If you have already placed an order please give us a call or email us from the correct address.

Q. Can I get overnight shipping?

A. Yes, we offer overnight shipping. We require overnight orders to be received and processed by 10:00am PST to guarantee pickup. Please call us to notify us if this request at 1 855 777 2673.
Note for US customers - to ensure quick passage through customs we will ask for your SIN or Business Tax ID. This information is added to your customs documents to speed up your cross-border delivery. If you prefer to not give out that information we cannot guarantee your order will make it through customs to fulfill overnight delivery. 

Q. My package has not arrived and it is past the expected deliver date. What can I do?

A. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays in the shipping process, please check your tracking number - often there will be a notification with an explanation of any delays. This could be due to weather, strikes, and human error. If it has been over 7 days beyond the expected delivery date and there is no explanation on your tracking history then give us a call and we will do what we can to track down your package. If it is missing or damaged we will request the shipping company return the package, and we will send you your purchased product again. 


Q. My order is held up at customs. Why did this happen and what can I do?

A. Customs will choose packages at random for thorough searching and verification. To prevent this happening to your package please use your full given name, address, and billing information during the checkout process. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up the holding process once a package has been selected. Please sit tight and wait for your package to be cleared. 

Q. I do not live in Canada or in the United States, can I still buy Core Glow?

A. Yes! We are able to take international orders over the phone. Please call 1 855 777 2673 with your order and payment information ready. 


5. Wholesale and Distributorship:

Q. I'm interested in becoming a Core Glow dealer. How do I get a hold of your products for resale?

A. Great, thank you for your interest! Please get in touch via phone (1 855 777 2673) or our contact form. Let us know a bit about yourself, your business, and why Core Glow would be a good fit. Check out our Dealer page for our current dealers. 

Q. I want to order a large volume, how do I get pricing?

A. We offer tiered volume pricing starting at 100lb orders. Get in touch via phone (1 855 777 2673) or our contact form for project specific pricing. 



Have a question that is not answered? Get in touch via our contact form and one of our Team Members will respond shortly. You may see your question up here!