Click the links to access online PDF's of Core Glow Project Guides, 
Infographics, and Brochures.



1. Project Guide here

- Read through our comprehensive Core Glow project guide for a step-by-step approach to take your design plan from idea to reality. This guide filled with information you will need for your ultimate design plan. 

2.  Powder Instructions here

- Required reading for anyone using Core Glow Powder. Read through for project tips, recipes, and safety information.

3.  Gelcoat Paint Instructions here

- For anyone who wants to use Core Glow Powder with gelcoat paint . 


1. Chemistry of Glow here (English and French)

- Want to know how Core Glow works? Browse through our Chemistry of Glow infographic for all the chemistry specs you'll need. Available in English and French.

2. Luminosity Through Time (Glow Cycle) here

- Graphical illustration of the Glow Cycle covering brightness of initial charge through to the end of the 8-12 hour glow.



1. Introductory Brochure here

- The properties of Core Glow broken down into the simplest terms.

2. Product Brochure here

 - One of our first brochures detailing all of our Core Glow products, project ideas, and product specs.