Core Path 70 sq ft Pack


Use the easy-install Core Path stabilizing grids to create your new glow-in-the-dark pathway. This light duty grid is designed to keep your gravel and glow stones in one place while maintaining the porosity of the surface, meaning the soil below stays healthy. Great for garden paths, local trails, outdoor patios, xeriscaping, wheelchair accessibility, strollers, and more. 


Covers: 70 sq ft
Panels: 14 panels of ~31.5" x 22.6" x 0.7"
Package dimensions: 32" x 23" x 10"
Perks: easy install, clip-together panels, pre-attached geotextile weed suppressant sheet

For more information on installation, product specs, and the environmental benefits of porous systems click here

For a glowing path you will need:

Core Path 70 sq ft pack 

Gravel (from your local supplier): 0.28 cubic yards

4lbs of Core Glow Stones -or-

Upgrade to: Core Glow Marble - 4 lbs of your colour choice

This will result in the scattered 'galaxy' effect as seen in the product images. For different coverage options go click on our resources menu and select coverage.


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4 Reviews

Deborah Hansen 2019 Sep 10th

Core Path Grids

I wanted to add garden gravel paths that were stable underfoot and this product is perfect. I am a retired woman in her late 60's and I did 350 sq. ft. on my own and my garden is stunning. Worth the price so I wouldn't be digging. Core Path is perfect when I had to work around so many large shallow tree roots. All the neighbors ask about the product. Wish it were local - I would put in more paths.

Eric 2019 Sep 4th

Core Path Walkway

This is a great product. My father-in-law saw it used in a commercial space and was impressed. After checking it out, I ordered it and used it for a 45' side walkway for our house. It is great. It is easy to trim, settles well with gravel over the top, and works as advertised. I would recommend it.

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