Core Glow Sample Pack


A lil bit of everything. Take a sneak peak at all of our Core Glow products yourself before choosing what to use for your glow project.

Sample pack includes a sample of each size of plastic, glass, and marble stone in a variety of colours. 

Core Glow Stones:
- 1 of each colour in 1" size
- 1 2" cobble in random colour
- 1 of each bead size (15mm or 18mm) in random colours

Core Glow Glass Crystals:
- 1-3 mm (raw) in green or blue
- 3-5mm (raw) in green or blue
- 20-30mm (raw) in green, blue, or aqua

- 3-5mm (smooth) in green or blue
- 6-10mm (smooth) in green or blue
- 20-40mm (smooth) in green, blue, or aqua

Core Glow Natural Stone (Commercial Grade Marble)
- 3-8mm in green, blue, or aqua
- 8-15mm in green, blue, or aqua
Plus 1 more to ensure all colours are represented (in either 3-8mm or 8-15mm)

Samples come in 1" x 1" bags.

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1 Review

Nathan Phillips 2017 Nov 16th

Do you even glow? Bro!

Got a sample pack the other day and the glow was spot on with what i expected. Nice green, blue, and aqua glow in my pack and good variety.


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