CORE Driveway Grid Samples


Choose up to three-four samples from the list below to receive Core Gravel or Core Grass Grid Samples.

Core Driveway grids:
Core Path 38-18: light duty grid (paths, patios, pedestrian use)
Core Gravel 50 - 30: medium duty grid (paths, patios, bike trails, light duty parking)
Core Gravel 50-35: heavy duty (residential driveways, parking, public trails) available in recycled or virgin polypropylene
Core Gravel 65-30: heavy duty (commercial paths, residential driveways, parking lots, and more)
Core Gravel 60-40: extra heavy duty (residential driveways, sloped loading ramps, commercial parking, flood zones)
Core Gravel 65-45: ultra heavy duty (commercial parking, loading ramps, horse stables)

Core Grass grids:
Core Grass 50-35: heavy duty (turf stabilization, residential parking, light duty commercial use)
Core Grass 55-45: heavy duty  (turf stabilization, residential parking, light duty commercial applications)
Core Grass 60-40: extra heavy duty (commercial parking, public parks, flood zones)


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