Core Drive 33 sq ft Pack

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Use the easy-install Core Drive Pack stabilizing grids to create your new glow-in-the-dark driveway. This heavy duty grid is designed to keep your gravel and glow stones in one place while maintaining the porosity of the surface, meaning the soil below stays healthy. Great for residential driveways, parking areas, hot-tub pads, public pathways, wheelchair access, and more. Special feature: these grids are made from 100% recycled materials.

Click here for simplified install process. Click here for a more detailed CORE Gravel Install Guide.

Covers: 33 sq ft
Panels: 5 panels of 32" x 31" x 1.4"
Package dimensions: 32" x 31" x 7.5"
Perks: easy install, clip-together panels, pre-attached geotextile weed suppressant sheet, made from 100% recycled materials

For more information on installation, product specs, and the environmental benefits of porous systems click here

Want a glowing driveway? You will need:

Core Drive 33 sq ft pack 
Gravel (from your local supplier): ~0.22 cubic yards
+ Core Glow Professional Grade Aggregate of your colour choice

For different coverage options view our coverage guide.

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50-35 Gravel 33 sqft pack

2 Reviews

Natasha Packer 2020 Oct 6th

So far so good...1 week after install

So don’t let the 3-stars disuade you. We installed DIY style and followed the instructions exactly. We had old asphalt removed and the area professionally regraded before installing the white grids. Then manually packed the pea gravel into it and only have I area that is still getting packed by use.
The whole neighborhood is fascinated by how smooth it looks. Will share periodic updates with you once it’s been used for a longer period of time.

S in LA 2017 Oct 5th

Very good product

I would give it five stars but the shippers mistreated the Core Drive package and many grid edges were broken. Thankfully I had plenty grids for my small driveway with gravel project. It was easy to install and does just what we want: hold the gravel in place. I'm looking forward to seeing how it ages, and I hope, for future purchasers, they make sure to have more protective packaging and "Fragile" stickers so clumsy shippers will not harm any grids.

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