core-glow-comox-valley.jpgWelcome to Core Glow.

We are your one-stop glow resource located in British Columbia, Canada.

Core Glow began as part of Core Gravel - a permeable paving system that can be used in the place of asphalt (Long live the soil!) Core Glow stones can be used in these permeable gravel systems to illuminate the way and create incredible Avatar-esque passageways. When it became clear that there was so much more to the glow stones than Core Gravel could encompass Core Glow was born. Hello World!

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We are committed to providing you with great customer service and high quality glow-ware at competitive prices. 

We want you to be as amazed with our glow as we were when we first saw it. We strive to be the ultimate source for natural, electricity free illumination stones, marble and powders.