8-15mm Quantum Grade Aggregate - Aqua 1lb

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Our new Quantum product line has been formulated to maximize the brightness and longevity of the glow stones while ensuring no photoluminescent microcrystal is wasted. We increased our glow powder by 60% to create our new ultra-premium line, Quantum, for the best glow at the best price. 

Aqua Blaze 8-15mm Quantum Glow:

Emission wavelength: 480nm

Optimum excitation wavelength:  200 - 450nm (standard and UV light)

Lux: 8 (0 hours), 2 (2-10 hours)


8-15mm Aqua is highly recommended for paths and emergency exits as it holds the best glow throughout the night compared to other colours.

Quantum is:

60% more powerful than our commercial grade

Glow Duration: 12+ Hours

Charge time: 10 mins (UV preferred)

Lifespan: 20+ years 

Environmental Accountability:

Quantum is a highly durable product, designed for long-term usage. We are committed to continuously innovating to make Core Glow products longer-lasting, more durable, and brighter, in order to continuously improve our environmental impact. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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8-15 Aqua Quantum 1 lb
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