8-15mm Commercial Grade Marble Stones - Aqua


Our best glow yet. Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble stones are the best and brightest product we carry. The cold-manufacturing process ensures that the glow is uncompromised during production, enabling the brilliant glow. Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble stones are engineered for use in indoor and outdoor projects as a replacement for gravel aggregates, additions to cement mixes, and illumination for driveways and pathways.


Scattered Coverage: 1lb/16 sq ft (galaxy effect)
Full Coverage: 1lb/0.5 sq ft

Consider mixing with Core Glow 3-8mm Commercial Grade marble for a range of sizes. This creates an illusion of depth, just like bright and dim stars in the night sky. 


Aqua Blaze: an energizing and vibrant glow at 480nm. Perfect for club and bar concrete countertops, dance floors, driveways, false fireplaces, and setting the world on fire. 

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1 Review

David Woodhouse 2017 Sep 13th

Really good stone

I got this to spread on a new concrete walkway being built in the backyard. Before the pour I got samples from 3 different companies to compare and these marble chips won hands down. Even thought they were pricey they were much brighter and lasted longer at night than any of the others. So I got a total of 9 lbs for a 4 ft wide walkway of maybe 20 ft and spread it on top of the aggregate concrete after it was smoothed out. Next day the walkway was ground down and sealed. At night the walkway looks awesome and the coverage was maybe more than I thought, more milky way than galaxy look. My only regret is that I didnt get more to cover the entire concrete job but as I said its pricey.

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