3-8mm Commercial Grade Marble Stones - Blue


Our best glow yet. Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble stones are the best and brightest product we carry. The cold-manufacturing process ensures that the glow is uncompromised during production, enabling the brilliant glow. Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble stones are engineered for use in indoor and outdoor projects as a replacement for gravel aggregates, additions to cement mixes, and illumination for driveways and pathways.


Scattered Coverage: 1lb/16 sq ft (galaxy effect)
Full Coverage: 1lb/0.5 sq ft

Consider mixing with Core Glow 8-15mm Commercial Grade marble for a range of sizes. This creates an illusion of depth, just like bright and dim stars in the night sky. 


Ethereal Blue: the softest and calming glow at 420nm. Perfect for spas, relaxing walkways, indoor bathrooms, ethereal landscapes, and entering other dimensions. 

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