2" Green (Green) Cobbles

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CORE Glow stones are the perfect addition for indoors and outdoor lighting and decoration. These stones are durable, all-weather and long-lasting composite stones. They are available in 1lb or 4lb bags and multiple colour options.

 Glow Duration Each Night: 8-12 Hours

Charge Time: 10-20 Minutes ( UV Preferred )

 1 lb bag: ~60 pieces

4 lb bag: ~245 pieces

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2" Green/Green - 1 lb
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1 Review

Bryan Thompson 2018 Feb 23rd

Bringing Light to Darkness - Off the Beaten Path

Firstly, I would remark that these cobbles are both very durable and with a good charging from a strong source of light will maintain their glow for hours! When used for its intended purpose, this product will no doubt add an amazing dimension to your garden or landscape.

But, it should be noted that I DO NOT use these cobbles for their intended purpose. I play a mythological character at renaissance festivals and other venues. I tell stories and interact with children and adults, doing my best to create wonder and share laughter to all. For a few years now I have been giving out individual cobbles to children, calling them Dreamstones. I've weaved a tale telling them how if they put one near their bed at night, it helps keep bad dreams away. And when and if the children wake up in the middle of the night, they see the cobble glowing, and it has the effect of making the magic seem real! I have received reports from many parents telling me that the Dreamstones actually work, acting as a psychological focal point, and that they actually DO help keep the children from having nightmares!

So while not by design, Core Glow Cobbles have done an amazing job in contributing to the happiness and contentment of hundreds of children, bringing light to the darkness. And I cannot thank Core Glow enough for making it all possible.

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