1-3mm Commercial Grade Aggregate - Green

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Our smallest chips are made for smoothing into concrete surfaces, countertops, flooring, and more. Create an illusion of depth by mixing with other Core Glow Commercial Grade Natural Stone sizes.

Size Range: 1-3mm
Colour: Hot Green, the brightest glow available at 480nm. Suitable for safety markings, exit routes, road markings, decorative installations, and summoning aliens.
Quantity: 1lb or 4lb bags available. Inquire about bulk orders. 

Light Coverage: 1lb/16 sq ft (galaxy effect)
Full Coverage: 1lb/0.5 sq ft

Consider mixing with Core Glow 8-15mm Commercial Grade marble for a range of sizes. This creates an illusion of depth, just like bright and dim stars in the night sky.

Core Glow Commercial Grade Aggregates:
Core Glow Commercial Grade Aggregates are the industry standard in photoluminescent lighting. Engineered for professional and commercial applications, available in three distinct emission wavelengths; 420nm (green), 480nm (aqua) and 420nm (blue), with a lifetime of over 20 years, and are suitable replacements for gravel aggregates. Durable, rechargeable, and guaranteed awesome.

Core Glow products are compliant with Dark Sky guidelines for light pollution reduction. 

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